The best quick bite in downtown Seattle

March 11th, 2008 by Dawn

Spring tulips in the bakery Whenever Eric or I are running errands anywhere near downtown Seattle, we try to make time for a stop at Dahlia Bakery.  When I used to work in downtown Seattle, this was my favorite lunch stop.  From the very first week they opened (back in 2000, if I recall?), at least three times a week, I’d walk seven blocks in each direction to grab lunch.  Not only do they make some of the best pastries, cookies, cakes, and pies in the city, but they’ve got delicious breakfast and lunch items.

Their lunch menu changes daily.  Every day, they have one veggie and two different meat sandwiches, along with a daily soup, a tomato soup, and one or two salads.  It’s been a while since I’ve been there on weekdays, but I remember they had additional items on weekdays, like crostada, and periodically a hot sandwich.

Sundays are one of the best days for us to stop in nowadays, because we can get three meals at the same time.  If we arrive just before 11, they’re just starting to bring out some of the lunch items, so we grab sandwiches for lunch at work on Monday and soup for the freezer for another day.  But the best part about coming before 11 (10 on weekdays) is their breakfast sandwiches.  They didn’t have breakfast sandwiches when I worked downtown; these are relatively new (I would have detoured on my way to work if they had offered them then).

Toasted muffin with walnut butter and banana

My favorite part about their breakfast sandwiches is the made-in-house, fluffy, chewy English muffins.  I’ve had plenty of English muffins, but none ever like this.  They’re the best.  Pair one of these with a fried egg, melted cheese, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or veggie, and you have a great breakfast on-the-go.  Or, they’ll toast one and serve it with walnut butter and bananas.  Mmm…

Don’t get too distracted by the desserts.  Chocolate pecan creme cookies, fig bars, and chocolate butter toffee eclairs are just a few.  And if you’re looking for the famous coconut creme pie they serve in Tom Douglas’s restaurants, you can buy it here, in three sizes, including bite size.

Dahlia Bakery
2001 4th Ave., Seattle
(206) 441-4540

Dahlia Bakery in Seattle

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