Mashiko in West Seattle

March 18th, 2008 by Eric


While there are a number of good Japanese restaurants around Seattle, there are a few places in particular that stand out from the crowd. We’ve had great omakase meals at Kisaku in Greenlake and Nishino in Madison Park. We’ve heard good things about Chiso Kappo in Fremont, and hope to try that in the near future. Our dinners at Mashiko in West Seattle have been the most memorable, though.

A friend of ours who lives in West Seattle has gotten to know Hajime (the owner and sushi chef) quite well over the years. We’ve had several excellent omakase-style dinners, but the truly outstanding experiences have been the two elaborate kaiseki dinners our friend arranged. Kaiseki meals are practically an art form – they include many courses, with some courses requiring several days of advance preparation. Our 13-course dinner a week ago included sashimi and cheese pairings, broiled oyster, and an incredibly flavorful soup with salmon and a two-year-aged red miso from Hajime’s hometown in northern Japan. Dessert was a pineapple creme brulée paired with a delicious pineapple wine that Hajime had just brought back from Hawaii.

Here are some photos from our dinner, and previous kaiseki photos are here.

4725 California SW, Seattle
(206) 935-4339

Mashiko in Seattle

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