April 2nd, 2008 by Dawn

One place we try not to miss whenever we visit Vancouver, BC is Vij’s.  Hands down, this place has the best Indian food anywhere.  There’s usually a wait for a table, but it’s no problem when you’re drinking a cup of their homemade chai tea.  It’s fun to go with friends so you can share, since there are too many tempting dishes to choose just one.

They also have a more casual cafe next door called Rangoli.  We haven’t eaten there, but you can grab take out or bring home some pre-packaged meals for your freezer.  When we went to Vancouver in February, we brought a small cooler with us for the express purpose of bringing some food from Rangoli back to Seattle.  We weren’t really sure what we were allowed to bring over the border, but when asked by the border guy whether we were bringing back food, we said we had Indian food, and then he looked at us very grumpily and wanted to know what sort of Indian food.  We said “Vij’s” and he said, “Oh, ok, go ahead.”  See, even the border guy knows about this stuff. 🙂  Tonight, we pulled a couple packets out of the freezer, threw them into a pot of boiling water, made some Cumin Basmati Rice, and heated Rangoli Naan in the oven.  A very satisfying dinner, indeed.

A year or two ago, we heard rumor that they were trying to start selling their frozen food in Seattle area grocery stores.  I haven’t seen this happen, however.  Has anyone heard or seen anything more about this?

The Cumin Basmati Rice recipe is from their cookbook, Vij’s: Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine.  We hadn’t cooked Indian food before our friends Rachel and Steve gave us a copy of this cookbook when it was first published, and wow, what a way to start cooking Indian!  We dove right in by making an entire meal, right down to the homemade paneer.  It was a huge success.  I highly recommend this fantastic cookbook.

1480 W. 11th Ave, Vancouver, BC
(604) 736-6664

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