Txoko at Txori

April 9th, 2008 by Dawn

Last month, we mentioned that Txori was starting up a new monthly dining event called Txoko.  This past Monday was the first event, and we thought we’d do a follow-up posting as part of the first Seattle Restaurant Review 360 event.  The Herbivoracious blog started this new food blogger event, where bloggers around the city post reviews about the same restaurant on the same day.  Today is Txori’s day.

Suckling pig

The Txoko dinner is quite different from the normal Txori experience (see our first posting for more on that).  Instead of tiny, bite-sized pintxo portions, the Txoko dinner is done family-style, for a fixed $45 price.  They advertised four courses when we signed up, but I guess they didn’t count the pintxo that they served as we sat down, or the pintxo-sized cheese course later – two added bonus courses!

The pintxo was the tortilla española from their regular menu.  I haven’t had this since back in November when they first opened, and I had forgotten how good it is!  Crisp bread topped with a warm slice of potato omelet.  Really tasty, and I’ll have to remember to order this again next time we’re in.

Next up were the family platters of beet salad.  Everyone at the table was enamored with this salad.  A colorful presentation of golden and red beets surrounding a green mâche salad, it was perfectly dressed.  The woman across from me commented how she never used to like beets, but she’s recently come to appreciate them.  It speaks for itself that she (and the rest of us) went back for seconds as soon as our plates were clean.

The soup course followed.  This was a hearty fish stew.  It was very flavorful, but I found it a bit too salty for my taste.  I still enjoyed it, but it was my least favorite course of the meal.

The showcase was the suckling pig, served with potatoes, spinach, pine nuts, and golden raisins.  They roasted a whole suckling pig, and after Chef Joey displayed it for the table, they took it back to the kitchen and pulled the pork to present it on huge platters with the potatoes and spinach.  A delicious dish!  The best part was the skin cracklings on top.

I really enjoyed the cheese course – a few pieces of Spanish cheese with quince and spiced nuts.  It sounds fairly standard, but it had a very nice presentation, with the quince layered above one of the cheeses, and the spice really went nicely.  Although it was diminutive (it was a pintxo, after all), it was just the right size to leave room for dessert.

The baked custard tart with dark cherries was a nice finale to the meal.  I’m a huge fan of Carolin’s desserts, and honestly think she’s one of the best pastry chefs in the city.  This tart didn’t quite shine like some other desserts that I’ve had at Txori and the Harvest Vine, but it was a sweet, light ending.

The part of dessert that was really great was my coffee drink.  They have lots of interesting cocktails and drinks on the menu, which you might expect from a bar, but they even have some interesting espresso drinks.  I had espresso with milk, caramel and cinnamon, topped with whipped cream.  Carolin first had a drink like this in Spain and enjoyed it so much that she knew she had to put it on the menu at Txori.  It isn’t as sweet as it sounds, and the cinnamon was nicely balanced.  I am definitely ordering this again next time!

Espresso with milk, caramel, and cinnamon

We like this type of communal dining event because it’s fun to meet like-minded people and swap Seattle dining tips.  Sometimes it’s a mixed bag, depending on who you’re seated with (case in point: a wine dinner we once attended, where our table-mates planned Bridge moves on paper the entire evening), but we had a really great time on Monday.  Maybe you’ll see us at a future Txoko event.

pintxo de tortilla española
potato – onion omelet

ensalada de remolachas
baby beets – green salad

fisherman’s stew – tuna – potatoes – peppers

slow roasted suckling pig
patatas panadera
potatoes – onions – olive oil
espinacas a la catalana
spinach – pine nuts

pintxo de queso

tarta vasca
buttery crust – baked custard – dark cherries

2207 2nd Ave, Seattle
(206) 204-9771

Txori Bar in Seattle

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    Thanks for participating in the 360! Here’s the roundup.

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