Profiteroles with salted butter caramel ice cream and mocha sauce

April 30th, 2008 by Dawn

We had the dessert assignment at this month’s dinner club. Dinner club is a regular event with five other couples who I either went to graduate school with, or who know one of the couples I went to school with. We rotate between homes each time and bring one course for the meal.

Since Eric and I were still on a quest to try recipes from David Lebovitz’s Perfect Scoop ice cream cookbook, we tried to think of something involving ice cream. I think the cover of the March issue of Gourmet was somewhere subconciously in mind when we came up with profiteroles. There was a salted butter caramel ice cream I remembered seeing, so we decided to do that with a chocolate sauce.

Then I went looking for the recipe but couldn’t find it in the book. Eventually, I realized that I actually had seen the recipe on David’s blog, not the book. He describes there how it didn’t make the cut since the book already had some other caramel ice creams, and there was a salted butter caramel sauce in his first book. It’s a good thing I stumbled upon it online because I can definitively say that this is the best ice cream I’ve ever eaten.

If you want to make it yourself, the ice cream recipe is here. We used the Gourmet recipe for the profiteroles. And then we went with David’s recommendation of pairing the caramel ice cream with his mocha sauce from the book. Here was the result:

3 Responses to “Profiteroles with salted butter caramel ice cream and mocha sauce”

  1. L says:

    um, yum! I love David’s books (he’s great in person too…). I’m pretty sure I have all of them now, if you need to borrow one at any point.

    The olive oil ice cream in his book is simply amazing.


  2. Eric says:

    Thanks for the offer – we may indeed borrow one! David’s “Ripe for Dessert” book looks interesting, given that Dawn loves to make fruit desserts, and I certainly have no aversion to eating them. Have you made anything from that one? (I didn’t see any recipes from it on your blog.)

    Olive oil ice cream sounds great. It’s now next on our ice-cream making list.

  3. David says:

    glad you liked the ice cream…it’s one of my favorite, too…especially with chocolate sauce!

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