Tulips and road trip worthy waffle cones

May 1st, 2008 by Dawn

Last Saturday morning, we were awake at 3:45am so we could meet up with friends and head up to the Skagit Valley before sunrise.  We wanted to catch some photos of the tulips in the morning light.  I thought I’d be miserable and bleary-eyed, but it turned out to be a gloriously beautiful morning and it was great staying ahead of the crowds.  We were the only people in a massive tulip field as the sun rose over the Cascades.  What a sight!

Morning dew

We caught lunch in La Conner at the Calico Cupboard Cafe and Bakery.  They packed nine of us, including two kids, around a table in the corner.  Lunch was casual and the food was tasty.  We had to use willpower to avoid the yummy-looking baked goods in the display case.  We were trying to postpone dessert until the ride back to Seattle, when we planned to stop off at Snow Goose Produce.  Although we’ve passed by this place a number of times over the years, we’ve never stopped in.  But we wanted to try the ice cream that Catherine mentioned on her blog.

What she didn’t mention is just how enormous these waffle cones are!  We waited in a long line for at least 20 minutes before we got up to the ice cream counter, watching happy face after happy face disappearing behind gargantuan ice cream cones.  It was so worth the wait!  The waffle cones were made right in front of us, and were incredible with Lopez Island ice cream.

We also bought some of the Gothberg Farm Chevre that Catherine mentioned (she is the cheese goddess, after all), some Skagit pickles, and an extra bottle of Cornelia’s Apricot Syrup.  And on the way back, we stopped at Silvana Meats and picked up some of their gourmet jerky for the road.

Note: If you’re interested in seeing our tulip photos, they are here.

9 Responses to “Tulips and road trip worthy waffle cones”

  1. ms. proust says:

    You have taken my breath away with your photos… Thank you for making the effort to get up at the crack of dawn & capturing the poetry of the Skagit Valley.

    Glad to have given you some good leads for your trip & I am so excited that you were able to score some Gothberg chevre, pickles & waffle cones. We need to eat together–but maybe not at 5 am 🙂

    I’ll email you about dates for dumplings & apologize for being hard to pin down. But I must know your secret to the beautiful photography on your blog–I swear you’re right up there with the best of the best.

    You’re an inspiration…

    the cheese goddess

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