Mo’s Bacon Bar

May 18th, 2008 by Eric

We were wandering through Whole Foods looking for some chocolate for our macaroons when we noticed a little sign for flying chocolate bacon pigs.  What?  There were no pigs in sight, so we asked someone what this sign was all about.  He took us around the corner to the Vosges Haut-Chocolat display, where there were indeed chocolate pigs and a number of “exotic” chocolate bars.  He pointed out that Mo’s Bacon Bar was the same flavor as the pig, but in bar form.  We were so intrigued, we had to bring one home.

What’s not to love about this decadent chocolate bar?  It’s milk chocolate, with bits of applewood smoked bacon and Alder wood smoked salt.  Each bite is a complex array of flavors – I like that you can taste the individual components, and yet there’s an overall unique flavor.  And it builds brilliantly on the premise that everything tastes better with bacon – chocolate with gray salt is good, and this is great.

Mo's Bacon Bar

Now I need to try some of their other chocolate bars, like macha green tea, or ginger-wasabi-sesame.

2 Responses to “Mo’s Bacon Bar”

  1. Craig Kaplan says:

    Mmmm. Our local chocolatier offers wasabi bark in addition to the more common almond and peanut barks. It’s quite good. I think in that case the milk chocolate version was a bit better than the dark chocolate — the extra sweetness balanced the wasabi.

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Craig! That sounds tasty. Too bad your local chocolatier is nowhere near us. 🙂

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