Anita’s Crêpes serving Wooly Pig ham, plus opening permanent location in Ballard

May 26th, 2008 by Dawn

Since Anita expanded to the U-District market earlier this year, her crêpes have become part of our Saturday morning routine.  I always wondered why the U-District market had been lacking the yummy prepared foods of other markets around the city.  Anita explained to us that it wasn’t until recently that the U-District market folks finally got permission from all of the nearby eateries to allow prepared food stands.  Now, Anita is there, and you can find other munchies too, like wood-fired pizza, and for the first time this week, Empire Ice Cream.  Starting this month, the prepared foods have all moved up to the grassy area next to the University Heights Center.  Between the grass, seating area, and the playground, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a bite just a bit away from the market foot traffic.

Sweet or savory crêpes, it’s a difficult choice.  I started out hooked on the nutella and banana crêpe for a while, but it’s been at least a month since I’ve deviated from the spinach, mozzarella, and feta crêpe.  What makes it so addictive is the generous sprinkling of cracked black pepper on top, which goes nicely against the feta.  This week, I paid $1 more to add Wooly Pig ham to my crêpe – yum.  Eric went for the ham paired with Mt. Townsend Creamery cheese, which he said was awesome.

Anita wasn’t there this week when we bought our crêpes.  Apparently, she was off taking advantage of the sunshine and planting flowers at her soon-to-open restaurant in Ballard.  It will be a tiny place with only nine tables, and in addition to crêpes, she’ll be using her CIA and French Laundry training to develop some interesting dinner menus.  Anticipated opening is next month.

But no need to fret as I initially did – fortunately, her crêpes will still be available each week at the markets.

2 Responses to “Anita’s Crêpes serving Wooly Pig ham, plus opening permanent location in Ballard”

  1. matt wright says:

    Have you tried the wooly pigs pork outside of a crepe yet? Dear god that stuff is bloody amazing. I braised a belly and spare rib section a while back, and it was completely unbelievable. Certainly not cheap though for what is over 50% fat.. but heck, that is where all the flavor is.

  2. Dawn says:

    Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. So far, we’ve made only the jowl, but it was insanely good. We posted about that dinner here.

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