Pike Street Fish Fry

June 7th, 2008 by Dawn

Fish with Spanish fries and dipping sauces Before we headed over to see Good Food on Wednesday, we stopped at Pike Street Fish Fry a few blocks away to grab some dinner.  Good stuff!  Our halibut, sturgeon, and asparagus came out piping hot and lightly battered and fried.  Intermingled with the fish were thin sliced and batter fried lemons – these would make a great side dish on their own and were awesome with the fish.  For our dipping sauces we chose the housemade tartar, curry ketchup, and lemon aioli.  I liked ’em all, but my favorite was the tartar.  The aioli was particularly tasty with the perfectly cooked asparagus.  This is finger food, but we found that the sauce containers were just a smidgen too small to fit two fingers plus the fish, so if a small piece of fish slipped while dunking, it was impossible to retrieve without a fork.

Of course, you can’t have fish without fries, especially since this was the former home of Frites.  Fries are ordered separately here and we opted for the Spanish version, which came smothered with sour cream and sweet chili sauce.  We were hungry, and polished off everything with a glass of wine and beer.

Fish Fry

The place is tiny with only a couple seats along with some standing-room-only tables.  It’s “smooshed in-between” (as their business card says) Neumos and Moe Bar, so the place was thumping with sound checks while we ate.  Opened since late April, Fish Fry is owned by Michael Hebb, former restaurateur from Portland, Oregon, who is also underground with his One Pot suppers in Seattle.

Pike Street Fish Fry
925 E Pike Street, Seattle

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2 Responses to “Pike Street Fish Fry”

  1. Meg says:

    Maybe I went too soon? Sometimes going to a restaurant while they’re still working out their kinks doesn’t give the most flattering picture of a place. I didn’t hate it, but… I felt pretty blah about it. Hopefully it’s because they’re still working out their kinks.

    I went with my kids shortly after it opened, and we tried an array of stuff off the menu, including both spanish (which were drowned in sour cream and the chili sauce, to the point of being revolting) and regular fries (which I unreasonably compared to Frites version). The kids were delighted, and snorked it down. I was… tepid. I tried the octopus and nibbled on the other fried food, yet the little fried food I did have sat in my stomach like a brick, which very good fried food doesn’t usually do. The asparagus, I will say, was great. Counterbalancing that, though, was a bit of sticker shock. I hadn’t expected dinner at a counter place, with no booze and no more than two items each, to be quite so expensive.

  2. Dawn says:

    Hm, it’s possible they were working things out, or maybe we were lucky since we were the only people there (we went early). It also may have helped that we were starving at the time. 🙂 Our fish was light and really moist inside so we enjoyed it.

    I do agree about the prices. The fish itself wasn’t too bad, but it seems especially crazy to have to pay for fries separately from the fish. I mean, that’s usually why it’s called fish ‘n chips.

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