Anita’s Crêpes opens, while some market locations close

October 12th, 2008 by Dawn

Now we can have our favorite crêpes for dinner, too.  Anita opened her restaurant in Ballard this week, serving crêpes just like her popular farmer’s market locations.  In addition to some of the market-favorites, like my “usual,” the spinach, feta, mozzarella, and cracked black pepper crêpe, she has some new crêpes that you can only find on her restaurant menu.  And at dinnertime, when we went, there is a small dinner menu alongside the crêpe menu, with choices like chicken liver pâté, pumpkin soup, steamed mussels, and lamp chops with Mission figs.  The menu changes every few days.

Anita's lamb chop with Mission figs and potatoes
Lamb chop with Mission figs and potatoes.
Photo by guest blog photographer, John Gossman.

The interior has a comfy-cozy neighborhood feel, perfect for tucking into on a cool fall evening.  With its large windows and warm yellow decor, I imagine that it’ll be a great hangout for breakfast, too.

Anita looked happy for opening week to have arrived, and weary, too.  It was her third day open, and she said evening business has been good already, but that weekday breakfasts have been pretty slow.  With the popularity of neighboring Ballard brunch spots, like Dish, I’m sure she’ll be more than busy for weekend brunch.  And word will get out soon enough.

Remember how I said a couple months ago that there was no need to fret about her market stands closing?  I was wrong.  While some stands, like her stalwart Ballard market location, will indeed remain open, it looks like the U-District location we’ve come to love has only a few short weeks left.  Anita says that her U-District market stand has not had much business.  In fact, she received more business at the U-District market last winter than this summer.  That seems counterintuitive unless you remember how they moved the food stands, including her crêpes, outside the main market and over near the University Heights building.  With that move, she stopped getting the market foot traffic.

It’s too bad they can’t figure out a way to better integrate the food stands with the farmers at this market.  I know how important the farmers are, and I certainly don’t want them to get displaced by the food stands, but there must be some way to open up the market a bit more to the back area and encourage more foot traffic.  There’s a good symbiotic relationship there – Anita buys her ingredients from the farmers each morning, and she even attracts people to the market.  With the inundation of produce from our CSA delivery this summer, there are plenty of weeks where we wouldn’t even have gone to the market.  But sometimes nothing seems better on a Saturday morning than Anita’s crêpes, so we’d walk down there anyway.  And once we’re there, we always buy a few things from the farmers that catch our eye.  It looks like we’ll be making more trips to Ballard, to wait in the long line at her Sunday market stand, or dine in at her restaurant.

Anita’s Crêpes
4350 Leary Way NW, Seattle
(206) 838-9997

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