Marcella and Victor Hazan

October 14th, 2008 by Dawn

Last night, we had dinner with Marcella and Victor Hazan.  Marcella is a legend in the cooking world, and her Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking is the one book I would take if I were forced to whittle my cookbook collection to only one.  I’ve never made a recipe of Marcella’s that didn’t work and taste great, and her recipes use straightforward ingredients and aren’t complicated.  The Essentials book is, to me, like the Joy of Cooking for Italian food – it’s divided into vegetables, meats, pastas, desserts in a similar manner as the Joy of Cooking, and it’s a tome almost as large.

Victor and Marcella Hazan

It was fun meeting both Marcella and Victor.  Victor read us an amusing passage from her new memoir, Amarcord, about the time that Marcella boiled a human skull that she had procured from a graveyard in Italy.  Victor was engaging to listen to, and I’m looking forward to reading Amarcord to learn more about Marcella’s life.  Marcella herself was just as cynical and critical as she is in her books.  She offered a Q&A session, and the first person asked her about a recipe; she replied, “Why is it that everyone always asks me about a favorite recipe?  Hm?”  Intimidated, only a few people asked further questions.  Victor and Marcella are a fascinating couple.

They are still in Seattle for a little while longer.  There are going to be a few private events and one public one.  For you folks who work at Amazon, they’ll be at a book signing event for employees.  And there is one more public dinner you can attend, tonight!  As of yesterday, there were still seats available for the dinner party at ChefShop’s warehouse in Interbay.  If you’ve shopped before at ChefShop, they are extending discounted reservations of $49 for dinner only, or $69 to get a signed copy of Amarcord, too.  Call (206) 286-9988 to reserve a seat.

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  1. Mai says:

    So elegant, so loelvy, so don’t like chocolate, but my guys would be just thrilled with this. So inspiring, I must try it for them for the next special occasion like to celebrate the end of a big swim meet this weekend, don’t you think that would be fun for them? You are amazing with the styling and the photographs. I come here to drool with pleasure!

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