Villa Victoria’s last tamales for sale

October 15th, 2008 by Dawn

We all learned a couple weeks ago that Naomi Andrade Smith was closing her Villa Victoria take-out window because of the hard times right now, and would be focusing on her catering business.  Some of you are on her mailing list and were looking forward to her emails about weekly to-go offerings.  The email we received last night was not the one we’d all hoped for though.

It’s true.  Catherine told us the sad news on Monday that Naomi is selling the building and closing down the kitchen completely.  After some encouragement, Naomi decided to sell her last stash of frozen tamales to the lucky customers who show up in Columbia City this Saturday, the 18th.  Stop by between 11:30 and 4 to pick up your tamales, at $32 per dozen (cash only).  The kitchen is located on Rainier Avenue one half block north of Genesee Street, in the blue and red building.  Choose from chicken with Oaxacan mole, cheese & jalapeño, or pork with chileajo.  And wish Naomi well in her next venture.  We hope to see her smiling face back in the kitchen again.

2 Responses to “Villa Victoria’s last tamales for sale”

  1. Catherine Reynolds says:

    So sad 🙂 But I’m glad we’re all letting Naomi know how much we’ve appreciated what she’s done.

    What time are you guys going to stop by for your last round of tamales? Maybe we could have a Mexican lunch somewhere around Columbia City, like at Alcatraz? I’ve was waiting all summer for it to finally open & read yesterday that they offer homemade tortillas made by the owners mother… Let me know if you’re up for it.

  2. Dawn says:

    That sounds like fun! I’ll get in touch with you tonight.

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