A trip to Pal-Do World

October 26th, 2008 by Dawn

Our new friends Kye and Eric introduced us today to Pal-Do World in Lynnwood.  Kye is Korean American and has eaten her way around most of the Korean restaurants in Seattle – she particularly likes Pal-Do for its soft tofu, and surprisingly, the fried chicken.  She and Eric mentioned how the fried chicken at Pal-Do is probably the best fried chicken in the Seattle area, so we didn’t think twice about trekking up there for lunch with them and our friends Catherine and Ken.

Chicky Pub fried chicken

Pal-Do is actually not a restaurant, but a large Korean grocery store with a food court inside.  Eric V ordered for all of us, while Kye went off in search of her favorite blood sausage (Soondae, 순대 – thanks for the translations, Eric and Kye!) in another part of the store.  When she got back, our basket of Chicky Pub sauced fried chicken (Yang Nyum Chicken, 양념 치킨) had arrived, with a can of Coca-Cola included.  There weren’t nearly enough napkins for the sticky sauce, but no one cared – we just licked our fingers and went in for seconds.

Then the rest of the food arrived.  Along with the kimchee, my favorite was the seafood soft tofu stew (Hae Mool Soon Dubu Chigae, 해물 순두부 찌게), which we ate on rice.  We also enjoyed grilled short ribs (Kalbi, 갈비) and squid stir-fry (Oh Jing Ah Chigae, 오징어 볶음), and washed it all down with roasted corn tea (Oksusu cha, 옥수수茶).

Fish waffles

We were nearly stuffed, had plenty for leftovers, and left there paying less than 10 bucks a person – a steal!  I say “nearly” because we all saved room for the fish waffles (Boong Ah Bang, 붕어 빵).  We wandered to the back corner of the store where a guy runs a very cool machine that cranks out small fish-shaped waffles stuffed with red bean paste (no, there are no fish involved).  They came out piping hot and we all stood there shivering in the freezer aisle munching on our fish waffles.  Those alone are worth the trip.

Pal-Do World
17424 Highway 99, Lynnwood
(425) 742-2237

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  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks for posting so quickly, Dawn. I’m ready for chicken AND waffles!

  2. Kim Cooking says:

    Fish waffles very interesting indeed.

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