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November 25th, 2008 by Dawn

Skillet at Vagabond : Last week, we attended a Vagabond dinner at Culinary Communion, which was prepared by Skillet Street Food.  The food was quite amazing.  My favorite was the flatbread pizza that they served for the reception, baked in Culinary Communion’s brick oven.  Frankly, it was the best pizza I’ve had anywhere.  The Skillet chefs, Josh and Danny, said that they’d love to make wood fired pizza as part of their regular menu, but it’s not really feasible, seeing as they don’t have a brick oven in that Airstream trailer of theirs.  Too bad – I’d give anything for more of that pizza.

Muse : We all know Gypsy is no more.  While we were there, Culinary Communion’s owner Gabriel Claycamp told us about his plans for the new dinners he’ll be starting next year, in addition to Vagabond.  Muse will be the code name for his new dinners.  They will be done Iron Chef style, where a chef will be invited to each dinner, and given a few weeks notice of the chosen ingredient.  They’ll need to compose a menu that incorporates that ingredient into each course.  It sounds like Skillet is interested, so maybe they can make more of that great pizza!

Tom Black’s restaurant classes : Tom Black made a name for himself as executive chef at Woodenville’s Barking Frog, then he did a stint at 35th Street Bistro in Fremont, before becoming an instructor at Culinary Communion in August.  I’ve been wondering what kind of classes he’s teaching there.  Apparently, he’s working on a new series where you can learn hard-core restaurant kitchen skills.  Those who have taken enough other CC classes can sign up for one of the Sunday classes, where Tom teaches you how to run a one-night bistro for paying customers, right at Culinary Communion.  There will be a menu with a handful of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, and you’re responsible for getting tasty, hot food in front of customers, stat.

The Swinery : This is Gabriel’s new venture selling cured meats: bacon, pancetta, salami and more.  He’s securing permitting right now, and already has the T-shirts printed up.  Eric wants the one that says, “Bacon is my co-pilot.”

Bacon! Just today, I received an email saying that before they can secure the permitting, they’ll need to move 1,000 pounds of bacon.  Fast.  So they’re selling all of it for $10/lb.  You can even pick it up until noon on Thanksgiving, or call them and they’ll try to get it to you if you can’t pick it up.  Made from organically-raised Berkshire heirloom pork, it sounds very tempting.

4 Responses to “Culinary Communion happenings”

  1. Kairu says:

    Bacon? How do I get my hands on some?

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Kairu! You just need to go to Culinary Communion. You can call them at 206-284-8687 to see when you can swing by.

  3. Kairu says:

    Thanks! Alas, they are sold out. Next time, maybe.

  4. Dawn says:

    Wow, that was fast. Someone must’ve wanted a lot of bacon for their Thanksgiving meal. They will certainly be selling more at The Swinery later.

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