Vios 2 opens in Ravenna!

December 1st, 2008 by Dawn

This is the most exciting news all year for us Ravenna foodiesVios’ second location just opened tonight, and the neighborhood welcomed them in full force: it was already packed with kids and adults alike.  Vios has taken over the Ravenna Honey Bear Bakery and remodeled Third Place Books to accommodate more seating and upgrade the kitchen.  Modeled as a family-friendly place just like their Capitol Hill location, they even have the kids play pit, with ample toys and a three-foot-high door so there are no worries about anyone wandering off while you’re eating.

Vios Café at Third Place

Our impression of Vios in Capitol Hill has been that they have great food, but it’s pricey.  Either they’ve adjusted things with the new economy, or updated the prices for the new location, but everything seemed quite reasonably priced to us tonight: sandwiches for about $7, flat bread pizza for $9, salads for $5, and dinner specials for $10-14.  It was especially a good deal given how tasty the food was.

My favorite tonight was the warm pita with Kopanisti spread, which is a sheep’s milk feta with roasted red pepper and a kick.  I sopped up the extra spread with the crust of my flat bread pizza.  The flat bread came out piping hot with salty pancetta, roasted fennel, and mushrooms.  Eric enjoyed his lamb Giouvetsi with orzo pasta, and we both split a Brussels sprouts salad with walnuts.  We saved some for lunch leftovers tomorrow so that we could try the desserts.  During the entire meal, Eric was eyeing the carrot cake sitting on the counter, and the waitress told him he was the first to order it.  Not surprising, since it wasn’t listed on the menu, but people are missing out!  It was moist, not too sweet, and yuummmmy.  I stole bites of that while eating my cinnamon gelato.  That was my only (slight) disappointment of the meal: the cinnamon seemed grainy and chalky, although the gelato was intense and cinnamony.

The Pub at Third Place downstairs is serving a special Vios pub menu that’s different from upstairs, plus you can get the full restaurant menu, too.  That seems like a good option for getting together with friends over a beer, or the place to head when the restaurant is full.

Open daily, Vios Ravenna starts serving breakfast at 8am.  They have a small morning menu with baked goods, frittata, an egg sandwich, french toast, and oatmeal, along with the Illy espresso that they serve all day long.  I can visualize a weekend morning there in my future.

Vios Café at Third Place
6504 20th Ave NE, Seattle

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One Response to “Vios 2 opens in Ravenna!”

  1. matt wright says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with Vios. You are right – it has always been ridiculously overpriced. YES, the food is really great – clean tasting, simple, elegant. But for me to have even a modest lunch it seems like I get set back 20 bucks easily.

    Saying that however, it looks like their prices have come down. I always thought that the Soulakis (sp) were around 8 bucks, but their website shows them in the 6s. Still, I always end up needing to eat at least two!

    One dinner out there, a friend ordered the Soulaki plate, thinking it was going to be different to the lunch version.. She was unfortunately wrong.. It was just the same thing, with a small salad – and almost twice the price of the lunch version. That was a year ago however.

    In short, I don’t blame them for their prices. Their original place is in an expensive part of town, and it is pretty obvious that the people going in there regulally have cash to burn. Any business is going to sell their product for as much as they can.

    As a patron, I am just glad it seems like the prices have dropped.

    The owner of Vios also has a tragic tale, and does quite a bit for the community, so hats off to him. I really hope the new place is a raging success, I am sure it will be.

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