Peaks Frozen Custard

December 2nd, 2008 by Dawn

The paper came down off the windows right before Thanksgiving, and on Friday, Peaks Frozen Custard opened in Roosevelt.  This is the real stuff, you guys, just like Kopp’s back in Wisconsin.  In fact, Peaks is run by folks from Wisconsin, and their custard machine is from the dairy state, too.  Theresa Blaser, one of the owners, explained to us how they make it in small batches several times a day so that customers can get it as fresh as possible.  That’s when the custard tastes best.

Peak's Frozen Custard

They offer three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, and a flavor of the day – today’s was cookies ‘n cream, and Sunday’s was egg nog.  The vanilla is pure vanilla goodness, and their proprietary chocolate custard is rich and perfectly chocolaty.  Served up in a waffle cone, waffle dish, or compostable dish with compostable spoon, you can eat it plain or with any of their long list of toppings (that’s marshmallow on chocolate above).  Um-yum.

If that’s not enough to convince you to eat frozen custard on a cold winter day, I don’t know what is.  Well, I was actually wondering, how is a new custard place going to hold their own in a floundering economy in the middle of winter in gray Seattle?  They’ve got this figured out, too.  They’re really a coffee house in disguise, using coffee to lure you in to the custard temptations.  This neighborhood has a dearth of good independent coffee places.  There’s Bus Stop, which is well, meh, the usually burnt coffee at Whole Foods across the street, or the Starbucks above that.  Starbucks is about the only place with comfy chairs where you can kick back, though, so that leaves no options for independent coffee.  Peaks is kicking up the competition, with Lighthouse coffee, a roaster out of Fremont that we love.  Not only that, but they’ve got comfy chairs and a fireplace to boot.  I expected a sterile fluorescent place, probably because it’s in a new condo building, and was pleasantly surprised when I walked in.  They’ve even got a kids nook, complete with wooden rocking horse and storybooks.

To top it all off, Theresa bakes an assortment of pastries daily.  She gets in at 5am to make cupcakes, quiche, cookies, bundt cake, brownies, and more.  We detoured past there this morning on our walk to the park and ride, and were impressed with her sherry nutmeg bundt cake which was served right out of the oven.  Above, that’s our fellow vanpooler, Ben, who we ran into inside, enjoying his own slice before we all headed off to work.

Peaks Frozen Custard
1026 NE 65th Street, Seattle
(206) 854-2351

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5 Responses to “Peaks Frozen Custard”

  1. ivy says:

    wonderful u should try it it is one of my fav restants!!!!

  2. Charlie says:

    I love this place! Great atmosphere, great treats, great place to hang!

  3. Anticiplate says:

    This is a great little spot! I happen to live right upstairs. Deadly for me in the summer:( ha!

  4. Dawn says:

    Kari, have you tried their bundt cake? They had a nutella version this week that was awesome.

  5. Pete Brulla says:

    Hi everyone,
    We’re having our Grand Opening this Saturday, on Valentine’s Day. We have some fun things lined up for the day in addition to our vanilla, chocolate, and our special flavor of the day, Love by Chocolate. Come join us and see what we’re about!
    …and our flavor of the day line-up (in addition to our vanilla and chocolate) for the next few days:

    Friday, 2-13: Baked Apple
    Saturday, 2-14 : GRAND OPENING–Love by Chocolate
    Sunday, 2-15: Cinnamon
    Monday, 2-16 : CLOSED
    Tuesday, 2-17: Bailey’s Chocolate Chunk
    Wednesday, 2-18: Peaches ‘n’ Cream
    Thursday, 2-19: Chai Tea with Ginger Snaps
    Friday, 2-20: Turtle Cheesecake
    Saturday, 2-21: Key Lime
    Sunday 2-22: Cafe au Lait

    Oh my! Hope to see you there!
    Take care-
    Your friends at PEAKS Frozen Custard

    Web site:
    Facebook: PEAKS Frozen Custard or try

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