Traca and Kris’s dinner

December 13th, 2008 by Eric

Our friend Traca (of Seattle Tall Poppy) loves to bring people together to share wonderful food experiences.  Her dinner this week, hosted and prepared by her talented friend/chef Kris, was no exception; a diverse group of food-loving folks from all over Seattle met and talked for hours while enjoying course after course of dinner.  It was, without a doubt, a great way to spend an evening!

Traca has a great write-up about the evening, so I’ll skip the details and instead just share some photos.

Japanese eggplant; chatting with Naomi
Left: Japanese eggplant with ponzu and tempura bits.
Right: Dawn chats with Naomi (formerly of Villa Victoria).

Ohitashi; seared tuna rolls
Left: ohitashi (blanched spinach towers).  Right: seared tuna rolls.

Singeing rosemary
Singeing the rosemary tucked into the pork tenderloin medallions.

Kris; dessert platter
Left: Kris describes the asparagus dish.  Right: assembling the dessert platters of apples slices, cheese, marscapone stuffed figs dipped in chocolate.

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  1. Robin Leventhal says:

    Wonderful images capturing an amazing night of new friends, great flavors and here is to future gatherings!

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