Anchovies and Olives

February 21st, 2009 by Eric

Ethan Stowell’s fourth restaurant, Anchovies and Olives, opened Thursday night in Capitol Hill.  We stopped by yesterday to see the space and try a few dishes.

Gnocchi with lobster and mintGnocchi with lobster and mint

A&O is on the corner of 15th and Pine, making it a great spot for people-watching, with a seemingly never-ending parade of folks outside.  Inside, the high-ceilinged space is simple, with an open kitchen like Tavolata and How to Cook a Wolf.  The food is reminiscent of both places, but here, it’s focused on seafood, with a seafood component in every dish.

Anchovies and Olives

Highlights for us included romanesco cauliflower salad with soft-cooked egg (perfectly dressed and seasoned), gnocchi with lobster and mint, and ocean trout with yellowfoot mushrooms and sunchoke purée.  We had heard good things about the spaghetti with sea urchin from friends who went the night before; the flavors were all there, but the pasta was undercooked and too chewy.  We neglected the crudo appetizers tonight, but intend on trying them next time.

Dessert options are simple – a sorbet, a gelato, and a cheese plate.  Dawn enjoyed the grapefruit campari sorbet, while I had a sweet ending of chocolate and orange gelato.

Anchovies and Olives
1550 15th Ave, Seattle

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15 Responses to “Anchovies and Olives”

  1. Anticiplate says:

    I am so jealous that you already went! Francia (Ethan’s mother) emailed me to tell me it opened on Thursday but I was scared it would be too crowded. I am excited to try it out.

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Kari – I actually think this is a good time to go, given the popularity of Ethan’s other places after they became more widely known. When we went on Friday for an early dinner around 6, only 1/5 of the tables were full. It was almost completely full with a few empty spots by the time we left. So until the word gets out, this is probably the best time to go!

  3. Viv says:

    Been meaning to go since Thursday but that Grapefruit Campari Sorbet might be incentive enough for me to go tomorrow.

  4. matt wright says:

    OK, this might be a thing for Saturday night. I have been waiting a while for this one! I am guessing it is going to be packed though 🙁

  5. Joe Randazzo says:

    Hi guys! (Matt A’s friend from the dinner at the Wright’s place!)

    A&O Is literally right across the street from my apartment. I went with a friend on Tuesday and also had the gnocchi. Wow. Great stuff. I came home only to fall asleep with seafood dreams and a happy belly.

    Hope you guys are well!

  6. Dawn says:

    Hi Joe! It’s good to hear from you!

    Wow, how lucky that it opened so close to you. It’s nice to hear that they’re going strong in their second week.

  7. Anticiplate says:

    So, I tried to go on Friday night: 2 1/2 hour wait! So, I need to plan a little more in advance. Ethan has some exciting things happening for him. His parents (my former directors) were giving me updates of all of his future endeavors yesterday.

  8. matt wright says:

    So I have mixed feelings about this place. The food that we had was great. The Hamachi crudo was fabulous, as too was the clam soup of which I forget the name. The service however, was, er, a little sucky. We got there really early, but the seater sat us right next to the waiter stand – where they access their computer ALLTHETIME… we didn’t notice until it was too late. What was strange was that we were some of the first there, and there was plenty of 2person tables. The waitress then took a dish away before I was finished (and clearly so), and finally she gave us the check for the night before we had even really got started on dessert.. This last detail is a real pet peeve of mine – just seems like they are rushing you out the door.

    I loved what we ate, but it will be a little while before we go back.

  9. Dawn says:

    Ooh, yeah, bad service really turns me off. Sounds like they have some issues to iron out.

  10. Victor says:

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