Homegrown Sandwiches

April 18th, 2009 by Eric

Is Fremont becoming the Seattle sandwich mecca?  First Paseo, then Baguette Box, now Homegrown Sandwiches.

 Homegrown menu

Light pours in through the tall windows in front, with equally tall chalkboard menus lining one wall, detailing the numerous options.  We’ve visited Homegrown twice since they opened last month, and word of their opening has clearly gotten out – every seat was filled on both visits, with more people standing around, waiting for to-go orders.  Homegrown’s environmental mission is summed up nicely on one chalkboard that lists each sandwich ingredient with three possible checkboxes: local, organic, and sustainable.

Dawn and I both enjoyed the grilled cheese with melted Beecher’s Flagship and caramelized onions – it’s like eating a French onion soup sandwich.  Everything else we tried (the Reuben, a turkey and avocado, and a sweet potato and black-eyed pea cake) was basic but tasty.  The staff is very friendly and helpful, though it seems like they’re still figuring out their system, given mistakes with orders on both of our visits.

I like the sustainable approach that Homegrown is taking, and I’ll be back next time I’m in Fremont to try more sandwiches.

 Reuben and grilled cheese sandwiches

Homegrown Sandwiches
3416 Fremont Ave N, Seattle
(206) 453-5232

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2 Responses to “Homegrown Sandwiches”

  1. ts says:

    It was recommended to me to go the gelato place by the Lenin statue – they also specialize in grinders. I couldn’t get past the creative flavors of gelato to order a sandwich, but it smelled good in there. Royal Grinders (used to be Postmark Gelato.)


  2. Michael Bruchas says:

    We recently went to Homegrown, from your advice about the Rueben. It was quite delicious. Of the three I’ve had so far, it has the best texture (crunch at every level, bread, kraut, no sogg) for certain. My research on the top Seattle Rueben is still ongoing…I still have a few more to try.

    We also liked the Chicken thigh sammy, and really thought that the Vegetarian option (sweet potato-black bean cake) was quite solid. The crab cake sounded interesting as well, but they were all out. I can’t remember which slaws we had but they were all decent. I liked the morrocan the best, if I recall.

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