Corson Building Sunday brunch

June 7th, 2009 by Dawn

The Corson buffet

I’ve been waiting for The Corson Building to start brunch for what seems like for-e-ver.  At around the time that The Corson Building opened last year, my favorite brunch in Seattle, the one at sister-restaurant Sitka and Spruce, closed.  It was a sad day when we walked up on a Sunday morning, only to find that brunch was gone.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we were at the Corson Building today on their first day of Sunday brunch service.  This time around, they take reservations along with walk-ins, unlike Sitka which was walk-in only.  We were happy to find brunch just as we remembered (although here with grapefruit juice! – my morning drink of choice).  There’s the buffet full of cold salads made with local produce, homemade yogurt with local honey and nuts, pâté with kumquats, and fresh baked almond macaroons.  And then you have your choice of one of the two hot dishes made-to-order – today I ordered the poached egg with locally-foraged boletes and a touch of creme.  A simple, delicious dish, which I finished by dredging my bread through the runny yolk and creme mixture.

Poached egg with porcini mushrooms

One thing that’s sadly missing from brunch at The Corson Building is U.S. barista champion Bronwen Serna’s espresso drinks.  That was one of the things we looked forward to most at Sitka, but The Corson Building has no espresso machine and therefore no Bronwen.  Anyone know where she might be serving espresso nowadays?

Although tasty, I don’t know if we’ll be going back as much as we frequented Sitka for brunch.  Eastlake is a quick jog down the road, but Georgetown just isn’t as convenient for us.  But we chatted briefly with Chef Emily Crawford afterwards, and she remembered how Eric wanted to try the fried chicken and waffles, which they once had on the menu last year.  She thought they might try that later this month.  I hope we don’t miss it again!

The Corson Building
5609 Corson Ave, Seattle
(206) 762-3330

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10 Responses to “Corson Building Sunday brunch”

  1. Rebekah Denn says:

    We came so very close to trying out the brunch today! We wound up at Divine instead, because — same story — it wasn’t such a long haul to get there. I’m wishing now we’d driven the extra miles. Was it possible to eat outside? We had some visions of the kids frolicking amongst the pigeons while we ate all their macaroons.

  2. Anne says:

    Oh, pâté with kumquats? Good lord, that sounds like a good time. I loved Corson Building for dinner; it will be so cool to try it for brunch!

  3. Janna says:

    Stunning photograph of the brick, family-style platters, and wine beneath. Despite having never been to the Corson Building, it paints a beautiful picture of what I imagine it be: conducive to communal conversation and shared plates. We should corral the cats sometime for a Thursday dinner? Though I could always go for some Sitka, too!

    Joseph (my partner) makes a delicious fried chicken dish with waffle bread crumbs, lavender honey mashed potatoes, meyer lemon preserve, and frisee.

    See you both tomorrow night?

  4. Anticiplate says:

    I was there today too! How did I not know that you guys were there? We probably JUST missed each other! I will put a link to this review on my new blog because it is better than any other review out there:)

  5. Dawn says:

    Rebekah – Although there wasn’t outdoor seating yesterday, Matt said that they were planning on adding that very soon.

    Janna – You are making me drool on my keyboard with that fried chicken description! We will definitely see you tonight.

    Kari – I think you were in the second seating. As soon as we got home, we saw your tweet that you were leaving for brunch. I think we keep missing each other – Kisaku a couple weeks back, the U-District market on Saturday. Our lives are apparently about an hour or two ahead of yours. 🙂

  6. jack says:

    my wife and i were there on sunday as well… we felt the exact same way when they stopped serving brunch at sitka+spruce, and we’re thrilled the same format for brunch has come to corson–esp. since corson is closer to us. wylie made a comment that they almost decided not to do brunch. the poached egg dish was delicious; the quail dish was also terrific, with unbelievably flavorful tomatoes (billy’s) for this time of year, served with aioli–a terrific combo. really loved the spot prawn salad and that crazy pate.

    nice job with the photos.

  7. Kairu says:

    That looks wonderful. I wish I could have gone yesterday, but I was working. I’ll have to take my mom there when she’s here next month, as she loves Sitka & Spruce. It’s a bit of a haul down to Georgetown, but certainly not worse than heading out to Ballard.

  8. Anticiplate says:

    Great to see you guys last night! I am excited to see what you will review next. I just love this blog. It is better than urbanspoon to me:)

  9. Jay says:

    Mmm…makes me want to make plans for brunch there tomorrow. Enjoyed the write-up, and the photos, as always. Those small plates look great!

  10. Bronwen says:

    hey dawn! beautiful photos of corson and the food! you can find me at joe bar in capitol hill or at fonte on 1st downtown for coffee…maybe i’ll see you at brunch at corson next time.

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