April 29th, 2013 by Dawn

Yee's Orchard
Yee’s Orchard stand, selling our favorite mangoes, Golden Glow.

Eleven mangoes, three avocadoes, a handful of dragon eyes (longan), five limes, three pineapples, one pomelo, two passion fruit, two grapefruit-sized lemons, one orange-sized grapefruit, two whole coconuts, pickled green mango, and a dozen and a half apple bananas. We now know: this is all the fruit that our family of three can consume during a Hawaiian vacation.

All of this deliciousness is found at Yee’s Orchard stand, but the mangoes are what kept us coming back time and time again to restock supplies. They grow several varieties of mango in the orchard right behind the fruit stand. Our favorite is the Golden Glow, a variety developed by Mr. Yee himself. Juicy, floral, and perfectly sweet, they melt in your mouth like no mango we’ve ever eaten. These mangoes alone are worth the trip to Maui. Sadly, they can’t be transported to the mainland.

Dawn’s favorite dish of the trip: poke bowl from Eskimo Candy; doughnut on a stick from T. Komoda Store and Bakery; the crescent moon hangs while the sun sets.

This was the first winter in over a decade where we decided to try a tropical vacation, and we are sold. We found a delightful place to rent, directly on the beach, and spent part of February trading the gray skies of Seattle for sandals, swimsuits, blue skies, and the Maui ocean breeze.

We like to keep travelogues whenever we travel, mostly as personal mementos and a way to narrate our photos. But we’ve also found our travelogues useful to refer back to whenever someone asks us for recommendations. Since our travelogue writing style can get a bit lengthy and detailed, we thought we’d post a condensed list here of our favorites from the island.

Fresh cut coconut; hot out of the fryer malasadas from Home Maid Café; exotic fruits at Yee’s Orchard stand.

In no particular order, here are our top recommendations for Maui. Click on the links to read more detail in our Maui travelogue.

  • Poke bowl and the fish and chips at Eskimo Candy. Hands down, the best cheap eats of our trip.
  • Fish tacos at Coconuts Fish Café, piled high with 17 ingredients and served on grilled corn tortillas.
  • Yee’s Orchard stand. Buy all the fruit you can manage, especially the Golden Glow mangoes.
  • Mama’s Fish House for your splurge meal. Very expensive, and absolutely fantastic.
  • Pastries from T. Komoda Store and Bakery, including the guava malasadas and red bean paste doughnuts. This is a required stop if you’re headed Upcountry.

The view of Kamaole I beach, from the patio of our rental; the cove outside Mama’s Fish House; the black pearl chocolate and passion fruit dessert at Mama’s Fish House.

  • Saturday morning Maui Swap Meet. Find the guy hacking up coconuts from the back of his pickup truck, and the woman across the aisle from him selling passion fruit bread. Sample some of Jeff’s Jams and Jellies and pick up some souvenirs.
  • Tom’s Mini Mart beat out Ululani’s for shave ice during our visits. Order your ice the way the locals do it, with ice cream on the bottom. It’s reminiscent of a creamsicle!
  • Mana Foods for groceries, exotic fruit, and all sorts of gourmet foods.
  • If you’re in Kihei, stop by Home Maid Café (NOT the bakery/deli in Kahului) for malasadas. We also heard that breakfasts here are simple but good.
  • Lahaina Fudge Company. Try the chocolate peanut butter fudge and the lava flow (coffee and chocolate) fudge!

Lunch from the Gogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck at the Maui Swap Meet; palm leaf; four varieties of mango, plus fresh baked mango bread, dried mango, and more at Yee’s Orchard stand.

Have you been to Maui? What did we miss? We’d love to visit your favorites on a future trip, so leave us a note in the comments below!

Kamaole I beach sunset
Sunset over Kamaole I Beach.

14 Responses to “Maui”

  1. Dawn says:

    A year after this blog post, we returned to Maui and have a few additional notes to add for those of you looking for suggestions on the island:

    • Inline skating at the outdoor rink at Kalama beach park. Three times a week, in the evenings. Fun! Kalama beach park also has a great playground, great climbing trees, and other fun things.

    • We took surf lessons and rented both surf and paddle boards from Maui Wave Riders, across the street from Kalama beach park. They do lessons for kids, as well, even if they don’t swim. The kid buddies up on one surf board with an instructor who will even pick the kid up on their shoulders as they ride in.

    • We went to “Big Beach” (Makena Beach) on the last day for sunset and it was beautiful. It really is a big beach – it even has several parking lot entrances spaced down the beach.

    • We did a farm tour and lunch at O’o Farm in upcountry. The chef used to work here in Seattle, and the food was good. We spent a lot of time walking around the farm, learning about the different plants they grow, and had the opportunity to pick two kinds of coffee berries straight from the plants.

    • 808 Deli in Kihei had excellent gourmet hot and cold sandwiches, salads, etc. We didn’t try 808 Bistro in the back of the building, but if it’s the same owners, that might be good, as well!

    • Da Local Banana for chocolate covered frozen bananas. Their new location in Kihei is across the street from Kalama beach park, so it was perfect after a day at the park.

    • Monkeypod Kitchen had great food and excellent cocktails.

    • The Andaz hotel in Wailea has the best craft cocktails on the island. We went back three times just for cocktails.

    • Honu in Lahaina was good for seafood and pizza.

    • Ululani’s (already mentioned in my original blog post, above – great shave ice) has a bakery next door called Sugar Beach Bake Shop. Everything looked good, but we came here to try the malasadas, which were great. But they only have them on weekends, I believe, and you’re really supposed to order them in advance to guarantee that they’ll have them. They happened to have only one of their flavors available for walk-in customers when we went.

    • We drove to Hana for a day, and on the southeast corner of the island there is a great Thai food truck called A’s. It’s around the 41-42 mile marker and while we started on the road to Hana at 8a, we didn’t get there until 2p, so it’s quite a drive. I believe they said they’re only open Sat, Sun, Mon?

    • I heard that Kihei Caffe is really great for breakfasts (banana macadamia nut French toast), but we never went.

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